Senior PHP Engineer

Job description

We are looking for an experienced Senior Software Engineer with extensive knowledge of (but not limited to) PHP and a pragmatic view at software engineering and product development to join our team. In the past three years, we have managed to scale up rapidly with our products and which has led to tremendous (often - triple-digit) growth of sales volumes. We expect the growth to continue, and that’s why we are in the progress of re-defining our application landscape to make sure that we can cope with this growth in the future. That’s why we need you! With your drive and knowledge of how to build great software that is about to serve hundreds of millions of people around the globe in the years to come.

Your contribution to our mission

As a Senior Software Engineer, you’ll be working in one of the development teams. The services that you will own together with the team, represent the very core of our business product management and order management. This is how you will impact the way of working of our colleagues in other teams (product management team, customer service, international expansion) by building the best back office features for their needs. Next to that, as a team you will provide an ecommerce API that is used by the webshop and mobile app teams. It’s also part of your role to enable those teams with the necessary API functionality so that they can build the best experience for our customers.

Job requirements

Your tasks will include things like

  • building new functionality based on requirements (and use the opportunity to challenge [and even define] requirements together with the team to accomplish the best solution from both customer value and development effort perspective)
  • “You build it - you run it”: reviewing, testing and delivering changes to our production systems, and keeping an eye on the technical impact of those changes to the end user. You monitor our systems, address arising issues, and improve our monitoring to make sure that we respond to outages as effectively as possible so that our customers are rarely unable to use our product
  • improving purposefully and in a persevering manner the quality of our services when it comes to their performance, stability, security but also understandability of the code
  • contributing with your ideas, knowledge and critical thinking to the quarterly plans in the team. This is how you as a team are making sure that you’re working towards the quarterly goals in the most efficient and effective way

You have...

  • the ability to solve difficult business problems by decomposing them and by leading yourself and the team in solving them
  • the belief that technology is the instrument to solve business problems, and therefore it doesn’t stand alone as a self-fulfilling prophecy. You would like to be surrounded by people with this pragmatic mindset
  • deep knowledge of PHP (LAMP) stack. You’re eager to learn and work with other programming languages (we use also Python, Ruby and Javascript)
  • a pragmatic approach to software design. You’re aware of commonly applied design concepts and principles (DDD, OOD patterns, SOLID, DRY/KISS/YAGNI) and able to express your point of view to get people along with you during design discussions
  • solid experience with RDBM's (MySQL, or PostgreSQL) in the context of running web applications under high load (+/- 1K rpm)
  • You master the art of ping-pong or some other game :-)

It's nice if you bring something extra to the table such as...

  • experience and/or interest of working on the edge of development and operations (devops mindset). It’s great if you know your way around CI/CD matters with Gitlab, Docker & AWS in a more general context!
  • experience with coaching/mentoring other engineers
  • understanding and experience applying enterprise integration patterns in distributed software system
  • experience with performance optimization of databases and web applications
  • advanced knowledge of security fundamentals in web world

    We will offer you...

    • 30 days vacation to enjoy
    • the best relocation package in Amsterdam!
    • budget & time for your personal growth plan, conferences, and events
    • Macbook Pro (13" or 15") + noise-canceling headset
    • good compensation and contribution to the pension scheme
    • refactor your body with our weekly Bootcamps & Yoga
    • free Dutch courses together with your colleagues
    • free lunch, snacks (vegetarian & vegan options included), friday drinks
    • a multicultural environment with 100 colleagues and over 24 different nationalities and growing

    Creative Group is becoming

    Creative Group has been on a special journey for the last 14 years. Like most companies, everything started with the ambition to make an impact on the world around us. We know that what got us here will not take us there. So we need to adapt and change continuously. Now the time has come to take the next step in our evolution to become the global leader in exchanging digital value. We would like to share that in the next couple of months we will rebrand the company into RECHARGE. The global platform for topping up all of your digital value. If you would like to know more about what this change will mean for you and this role, please contact the recruiter and they will be happy to walk you through it. Are you ready to make extraordinary memories and boldly go where no man has gone before?